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Most beautiful kayak routes

Sunday, 24 June 2007
The system of rivers and lakes in Poland encompasses almost 10,000 kilometres of waterways which cut across lowlands, highlands and mountains, and that is why the landscapes are so diversified.

It is here that enthusiasts of kayaking will find an adventure; both beginners and experienced kayakers will find a route suiting their skills. At any rate, they will always find opportunities to spend actively a holiday in a peaceful and beautiful natural environment. All kayak fans will enjoy picturesque sights, meandering rivers, often linking little, scenic lakes, and comfortable facilities along their routes. Many of the kayakers for the first time on the Krutynia or Brda kayak routes will certainly return to Poland the following years.

Both these rivers have been very popular summer destinations for many years now.

The Krutynia winds its way through the land of a Thousand Lakes and links several lakes of various sizes, flowing amidst meadows and forests. The waterway is 105 kilometres long and it usually takes 9 days to cover it. It is divided into sections of a few or several kilometres each. Participants can put up for the night in numerous riverside hostels, offering accommodation in well equipped camping cottages or tents. Camping grounds often have a store or cafeteria offering warm meals.

The Krutynia River is always a wonderful experience, a close encounter with lush nature, beautiful lakes and the wildlife of the Pisz Forest.

The Brda River is also considered a particularly attractive waterway for the kayakers from all over Europe. The route along the Brda takes you north of Bydgoszcz and leads through the vast Bory Tucholskie Forest. The rapid current of the river, its meanders, clear waters and fresh air, thick forests and rich natural environment fosters your active rest here. Although there are sections of typical highland character, the route is neither difficult nor tiresome and therefore can be also recommended to beginners.

There are many other attractive kayak routes in our country. The Czarna Hancza River route is about 100 kilometres long and begins on Lake Wigry to end at Augustów. The major part of the route leads through the Augustów Forest, while its last section includes the Augustów Canal waterway, linking many takes.

The Drweca River route is longer (200 km), starts at Ostróda and goes all the way to the Vistula River. Comfortable sites for camping are found on both riverbanks.

Experienced tourists can seek adventures along more challenging mountain rivers. Kayak trips for groups are organised on the Dunajec River, which seems to be the best choice, also because of its picturesque gorges in the Pieniny Mountains.

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