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Sunday, 24 June 2007
There are over one thousand horse breeding and riding centres in Poland offering various sorts of recreation and horseback tourism. A few day's long trip are organised for smaller and larger groups. Riding lessons are available for beginners. Galloping in the country-side is very popular with tourists, some take part in such events as cross-country rides, tours on horseback, etc. Many centres organise hippotherapeutic stays, mainly for children.

The majority of horse-breeding centres are located in north-eastern Poland. Janusz Kojrys's centre is in the village of Redykajny near Olsztyn. There you can mount at any time of the year. In summer, camps and riding holidays are organised, in winter - Traditional Polish Kuligs (riding in horse-drown sleighs), and throughout the year - a colourful folk event called Farmer's Wedding Party. The Klonek at Zelwagi and the Kadyny palace which offers stays with riding lessons are also very well-known breeding centres.

There is a famous stud farm at Bialy Bór near the Baltic coast. The farm at Nowecin near Leba offers holidays with riding lessons, cross-country tours, or rides in horse-drown carriages. The Zenobla ranch near Niechorze provides similar services.

Great Poland's riding centres such as Czerniejewo, Iwno, Racot, and Sieraków also present considerable opportunities for those who wish to learn how to ride a horse or to drive carts or carriages. They also offer hippotherapy and organisation of open-air events. The well-known Mustang riding centre at Lubniewice provides all kinds of equestrian activities.

Riding centres near Warsaw are relatively small, but they offer hippotherapy and a great variety of other services.

Riding holidays are also organised by centres and farms in the Sudety and Beskidy Mountains. The breeding centre at Ochaby near Skoczów offers tours for experienced riders as well as holidays in the saddle for youth. In the Bieszczady Mountains horseriding and tourism can be practised at the Rusinowa Polana farm, at Wola Sekowa and some other localities.

Horse riding holidays are also organised at one of the major breeding centres at Lack.

Horse riding and other equestrian sports are a healthy and pleasant way of recreation. This type of active rest can be combined with other sports and travelling. The offers of Polish riding centres are both varied and attractive.

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