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Sunday, 24 June 2007
The world seen from a bicycle seat is definitely more interesting and attractive than the one perceived through the window of a speeding car. At least such is the opinion of devout cycling fans, and they seem to be particularly right. A bicycle is particularly useful during the holidays as it makes a lot of places more accessible and riding is one of the best forms of recreation.

There are so many attractive cycling routes in Poland that everyone will find something to his or her liking. Cycling is one of the best ways to visit certain historical buildings, open-air ethnographic museums (skansens) and to see traditional rural architecture. In the same way we can reach places connected with important historical events, museums, national parks and nature reserves as well as picturesque landscape parks. Every Polish region has sites, which are worth visiting.

Bike rental outlets can be found on the Baltic coast, in the lake-lands and in the mountains, too. Bikes may he used to visit the immediate surroundings, but longer trips are also possible. It is a wonderful experience to go amidst the fields and lakes or ride up and down the winding mountain paths. In some regions, in the vicinity of bigger towns, there are specially marked cycling routes. Particularly attractive are the so-called "trips along old rails" which lead along former railways, not in use any more.

Poland's most interesting regions can be covered during ten day or even two week long tours organised by specialised travel agencies. Very popular with tourists are the routes crossing the Mazurian Lake District, sometime called the Land of a Thousand Lakes, Bieszczady and Pieniny Mountains with their national parks and interesting examples of rural architecture, and also across Poland's Green Lungs, which include the Bialowieza Forest, River Biebrza Marshes, and the Lake Wigry National Park.

Two international cycling routes (R-1, R-2) leading through Poland have been so designed as to enable riders to visit all tourist attractions located along the way.

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