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Sunday, 24 June 2007
The answer to the question where and how to spend holidays is not difficult. There are so many interesting holiday centres and seaside resorts all around the world and each near magnificent historical monuments. There are colourful advertisements presenting well-known mountain resorts of the highest standard and various sorts of entertainment.

However, a package holiday selected from a catalogue designed for thousands of clients will not necessarily provide real rest and satisfaction. Increasingly vacationers are looking for active and individual way of spending their holiday. They also wish to devote more time to pursue their personal interests and develop their skills.

To these people Poland can really offer a great number of opportunities. Due to its great geographical diversification, our country is able to meet the expectations of active rest enthusiasts who wish to practice their hobbies and do so in the closest possible daily contact with splendid nature.

Poland's attractions include the Baltic coast, a vast Lakeland with thousands of lakes and scenic water routes, large expanses of primeval forests, picturesque landscapes of numerous plateaux and mountain ranges. Each of these opportunities offers fascinating sports and aesthetic experiences in intimate contact with nature unspoilt by modern civilisation.

In Poland you may practice all kinds of active rest, from simple hiking trips to adventures, which require special gear and skills. Very popular with tourists are sailing centres as well as kayak trips, bicycle tours, and excursions into the most interesting sanctuaries of Polish nature. Our country offers perfect opportunities to anglers, as well as to the enthusiasts of aerial sports. More and more people show great interest in rural tourism, i.e. spending their holidays on farms.

If you are fans of active rest, Poland will certainly provide you with numberless opportunities.

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